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The Baltic and Arab Chamber of Commerce (BACC) was established in Riga -Latvia in 2011. It is a non-profit private organization working for the public benefit.
Fulfilling its mission, the BACC assigned representatives of its main office in Estonia and Lithuania, in addition to MOUs and agreements with governmental, private organizations and institutions in all Baltic and some Nordic states.

One of the cardinal objectives of the Chamber is to promote trade and business activities for interest of its members enterprises between Arab countries and Baltic States, in addition to Nordic states concerning developing the mutual trade and economic sector, endorsing the touristic projects, sharing our legal and investment expertise in consultation and mentoring to facilitate the economic and trade flow between all members and sectors that coordinate with the BACC.
The Chamber is ready to immediately invests its efforts to launch the goods and services that your organizations or company specialized in, to be promoted in the Arab countries, the Baltic states and the Scandinavian countries, especially Finland and Sweden.

Our services in this matter will be supported by providing all means of consultation by our team related to the development of information systems and ways of Implementation.

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